hybrid compute & the cloud

The concept of the cloud is seen by many as the cost-saving savior to the enterprise that will finally free it of its reliance on burdensome technology investments and operational overhead. 

But there are other factors.

Not all technologies can run effectively on the cloud. In fact, the majority of the specialized platforms needed to run your specific business are likely NOT supported in a cloud environment.  What’s more, once on the cloud, specific jobs, workloads or just organic growth has repeatedly made what seemed like an utopia of cost-savings now an albatross of business operational expense that enterprises can not escape from because of the impossibility of migrating such large systems and so much data away from their savior cloud provider.

Finally, not only are the crown jewels of the business often times given over to the cloud providers, but it’s also done so with significant security risks depending on factors outside of that provider’s control.  Your data is now very likely shared with other enterprises in a multi-tenanted environment and not immune to the possibility of a data breach or some other malware or zero-day-threat impacting your neighbor and in the process likely impacting you.

However, the cloud is not all bad. 

There is a lot of good in a cloud architecture.  In fact, the best architecture is what we call at GLADiiUM, the Hybrid Compute Model, where the very best and most cost-effective practices of on-premises architectures are combined with the power and flexibility of a cloud offering tailored to the line-of-business or even the entire enterprise if it fits for the specific need. 

Our consultants have countless hours of work behind these hybrid architectures across application stacks and the infrastructure that supports them, providing users with the functionality and scale they need with on-premises three-tiered or hyperconverged stacks. We combine application functionality with cloud resource, whether for full or partitioned production instances: for development, test, business continuity, and disaster recovery in both on-premises and cloud platforms. 

The cloud equation is a big it depends and one that we at GLADiiUM pride ourselves on. We optimize these architectures at the highest of levels, in the most cost-effective of ways, offering our clients significant, long-term saving. 

Reach out to learn more about our experiences and for a sample of our latest use-cases. We look forward to working with you in the cloud.