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  • IDG Contributor Network: What does digital transformation really mean? June 24, 2019
    We hear the term “digital transformation” all the time, and probably too often in my humble opinion. But what does it really mean and why does it appear to be a never-ending struggle that permeates our existence? Is it a task condemning us to repeat pushing a digital boulder up a mountain like Sisyphus, only […]
  • IDG Contributor Network: 3 ways devops mitigates the operational IT skill gaps June 24, 2019
    Talk to CIOs and IT leaders about their strategic and innovation programs and they are sure to mention that skill gaps are a primary hurdle. One study shows a 900,000-person skill gap in artificial intelligence, IoT, and blockchain by 2022. Now this is in emerging technologies where cutting edge businesses are competing for the top […]
  • IDG Contributor Network: What is architecture? June 24, 2019
    Whether we are talking about an enterprise or a system, we refer to something we call an “architecture.” Most of the time we are referring to some set of artifacts, usually models, diagrams, or spreadsheets, that describes the enterprise or the system. That set of artifacts is defined by the architecture framework we are using. […]
  • BrandPost: A Communication and Collaboration Strategy is Fundamental For Business Success June 24, 2019
    CIOs are under more pressure than ever to provide the technological backbone that helps their organizations stand tall. They’re juggling an increasingly wide range of strategic priorities to accomplish that. A recent survey conducted by GoTo and Ovum reveals that IT leaders are balancing many priorities coming from leadership, the top three being improving operational efficiency […]
  • Humanizing the digital experience June 24, 2019
    Today’s digital business strategies come with a list of enticing expectations: improved process efficiency through automation, increased employee productivity, better management of business performance and new revenue streams, to name a few perks. But with all of the promises offered by digital strategy, there is one simple truth:To read this article in full, please click […]
  • Leon County Florida saves lives by digitizing hurricane response June 24, 2019
    In October 2018, residents in the Florida panhandle braced for the impact of Hurricane Michael. Thankfully for those residents, the 14 members of the Tallahassee/Leon County GIS (TLCGIS) program had been preparing for the devastating effects of the storm and its aftermath for months.To read this article in full, please click here(Insider Story)
  • IDG Contributor Network: Product funding and the burden of agility June 21, 2019
    Enterprises create value by investing in opportunities that promise a high return (outcome over cost) and a low risk (variance of outcome, time and cost).  From an investor or sponsor perspective, this rule applies equally to the traditional and agile initiatives.The traditional project funding and project management methods have meticulously evolved to satisfy this rule […]
  • 3 fundamentals for supercharging your data strategy June 21, 2019
    CAMBRIDGE, Mass. -- If data truly is among an enterprise's greatest assets, CIOs must be able to produce tangible demonstrations of how all that information can be marshaled to advance the business.To read this article in full, please click here(Insider Story)
  • Free Course: Learn to easily estimate projects and products June 21, 2019
    If you’ve ever struggled to create a project schedule or budget or had difficulty forecasting when new product features will be ready, this course is for you!To read this article in full, please click here(Insider Story)
  • BrandPost: Requirements for IT resilience: Three strategies to keep your business online in a multi-cloud world June 20, 2019
    In the last two years, most businesses (93%) have experienced a tech-related disruption that directly led to an impact on revenue, either through direct loss of money or through paying for additional recovery expertise according to research from IDC and Zerto. It’s clear that businesses are vulnerable to the impact of outages of all kinds […]