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  • BrandPost: Rite Aid and Adobe Chart a “Path to the Future” August 19, 2019
    Earlier this year, Rite Aid, the third-largest drugstore chain in the US, announced a major strategic initiative, called “Path to the Future.” This holistic plan to drive innovation, deliver new and unique customer experiences, and ultimately grow the business, encompasses all operating units of the company and is powered on a platform of digital transformation. […]
  • 10 IT modernization mistakes to avoid August 19, 2019
    Sentara Healthcare embarked on its digital transformation journey two years ago, seeking to create better experiences and outcomes for its patients and providers.To read this article in full, please click here(Insider Story)
  • Kaiser Permanente reduces patient mortality with predictive analytics August 19, 2019
    In healthcare, early intervention can be the difference between life and death. Healthcare giant Kaiser Permanente has put that principle into action with a hospital workflow tool, supported by predictive analytics, that it uses to identify non-intensive care unit (ICU) patients that are likely to rapidly deteriorate.To read this article in full, please click here(Insider […]
  • BrandPost: IT as a Service future offerings: 5 must haves August 16, 2019
    In April of this year, the number of HBO Now subscribers skyrocketed, fueled by the return of Game of Thrones for its final season. Those new HBO viewers will be temporary, according to historical data. That’s because the popular series has now ended, and viewers can easily drop the service they no longer want to […]
  • BrandPost: How one company put hyperconvergence to the test in their SAP HANA environment August 16, 2019
    In today’s fast paced, constantly changing IT landscape, it can be hard for companies to keep up with the latest and greatest datacenter trends. Many organizations opt to wait until a new category of solutions is road-tested by others. Other companies strive to be at the forefront of new technology – operating under the mindset […]
  • BrandPost: Why AI Ops? Because the era of the zettabyte is coming. August 16, 2019
    IDC’s recent Data Age Study predicts the global data sphere will reach 175 zettabytes (ZB) by 2025. Exactly how much data is that? According to the accompanying IDC video, “If one were able to store 175ZB onto Blu-ray discs, then you’d have a stack of discs that can get you to the moon 23 times.”How […]
  • BrandPost: Looking at the 2019 Data Center Landscape: 7 Trends to keep an eye on August 16, 2019
    As we look to the future, the concept of what data centers do and what they are tasked to accomplish will continue to evolve. While hyperscale data centers—on the size of Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Facebook—receive the majority of attention, the corporate data center remain steadfast. It's still chugging along and doing not just the […]
  • BrandPost: How design innovation enhances IT August 16, 2019
    Steve Jobs famously said, “If you are working on something that you really care about, you don’t have to be pushed. The vision pulls you.”For Bryan Jacquot, Vice President and Chief Design Officer at Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), that vision is creating innovative IT designs. To achieve this goal, two concepts relentlessly tug at his […]
  • BrandPost: How hybrid cloud management can make or break your IT strategy August 16, 2019
    “What's measured improves” ― Peter DruckerOften called, the father of modern management, Peter Drucker is known for his insights on business management. Throughout his writings, he emphasizes the importance of measuring performance. And to measure something properly, it needs to be managed meticulously through tracking and analytics.Herein lies one of the biggest challenges of hybrid cloud (a […]
  • BrandPost: 3 ways consumption IT makes your business smarter August 16, 2019
    Over the past several years, public cloud adoption accelerated as enterprises wanted to improve agility while moving away from capital-intensive monolithic IT infrastructures. Public cloud looked like the ideal choice to build applications quickly and compete with modern, nimble Internet-scale companies.While it’s fair to say the public cloud became the platform of choice for many […]