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  • Skills and traits of elite product managers October 7, 2022
    The days when IT was left to its own (literal) devices, content to work on the tech side of various projects, are on their way out. IT organizations are shifting to product-based methodologies, in which cross-functional teams made up of both tech and business pros focus on a single product or service offering. This organizational […]
  • 9 business intelligence certifications to advance your BI career October 7, 2022
    With data increasingly vital to business success, business intelligence (BI) continues to grow in importance. With a strong BI strategy and team, organizations can perform the kinds of analysis necessary to help users make data-driven business decisions. BI encompasses numerous roles. BI analysts, with an average salary of $71,493 according to PayScale, provide application analysis […]
  • Want to Drive Industry Breakthroughs or Speed Up Innovation? Start by Optimising Your HPC and AI Workloads October 6, 2022
    Artificial Intelligence (AI) is fast becoming the cornerstone of business analytics, allowing companies to generate value from the ever-growing datasets generated by today’s business processes. At the same time, the sheer volume and velocity of data demand high-performance computing (HPC) to provide the power needed to effectively train AIs, do AI inferencing, and run analytics. […]
  • Why Having a Growth Mindset is Critical for Company Success October 6, 2022
    By Milan Shetti, CEO Rocket Software As a leader, setting the culture of an organization is a massive undertaking, especially if the task is to change the culture at a company that has been around for decades. How a culture is implemented in an organization oftentimes comes down to the idea of the company having […]
  • Overcoming Cybersecurity Implementation Challenges October 6, 2022
    By Haider Pasha, Sr. Director and Chief Security Officer for Emerging Markets at Palo Alto Networks Cybersecurity has long been one of the most complex landscapes an organization must navigate; with each new threat or vulnerability, complexity continues to grow. This is especially true for organizations that have traditionally taken a point product approach to […]
  • Europe’s Fastest Growing Chain is Reinventing the 24/7 Store as an “Ultimate Convenience Ecosystem” October 6, 2022
    Did you know that Europe’s largest convenience chain isn’t British or German or French? It’s Polish! Founded in 1998, the chain, Zabka Polska (meaning “Little Frog” in Polish), operates more than 8,300 stores throughout Poland serving nearly 3 million customers every day. That translates to more than a billion customer interactions per year. Clearly, this […]
  • 7 ways to foster IT innovation October 6, 2022
    As an IT leader, being able to foster innovation not only benefits the IT itself, with greater efficiency, effectiveness and value, but the organization it serves and you personally, as it illustrates your ability to be an internal agent of change, a true business partner, and an asset at the strategy table. 1. Define and […]
  • Inside the US Army’s ‘warfighting’ cloud October 6, 2022
    US Army CIO Dr. Raj Iyer is virtually on the front lines of the Russian-Ukrainian war — and it is not an exercise. As part of NATO’s commitment to support Ukraine, a democracy Russia invaded in February, Iyer and his CIO colleagues across all branches of the US military, along with the US Department of […]
  • Bad metrics are worse than no metrics October 6, 2022
    When it comes to setting goals and assessing your progress toward achieving them, be smart about how you use metrics and what you pay attention to. Not SMART. Metrics have always been a key facet of gauging a business area’s accomplishments, be it IT, accounting, operations, or anywhere else. That’s never been more true than […]
  • Deloitte Australia joins identity security leaders at Ping Identity’s Ping YOUniverse Sydney October 6, 2022
    Earlier this year, global identity security provider Ping Identity formed an alliance with Deloitte to meet the Australian enterprise’s growing demand for Zero Trust identity security. The partnership enables Ping Identity and Deloitte to offer solutions that strengthen and secure access to cloud, mobile, SaaS and on-premises applications across the hybrid enterprise.  Ping already has […]