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  • BrandPost: 5 Trends That Will Accelerate Your Analytics Journey December 7, 2021
    How do we know we’re living in the age of insight? Because today, every enterprise has a board-level mandate to create digital advantage by unifying data to glean business insights faster. Data is now the lifeblood of the enterprise — and data insights are key to evolving the organization’s business and operational models.Whether it’s accelerating […]
  • Looking back to look ahead: Anticipating the cybersecurity landscape in 2022 December 7, 2021
    From a CISO’s point of view, 2021 was not a very good year. It started with a scramble to address the SolarWinds cyberattack and is ending with record-breaking highs in ransomware attacks. CISOs have had to deal with juggling a hybrid workforce with continuing security issues caused by COVID-19 and a skills shortage, cyberattacks on […]
  • BrandPost: Human-centric AI Will Transform the Way the World Works, by Freeing Expert Knowledge for Everyone December 7, 2021
    Eighteen months ago, the future looked uncertain due to a weakened economy and potential job losses on the horizon. Fast-forward to today and businesses are losing workers in droves. But not due to those initial fears—these are voluntary resignations.During this ‘Great Resignation’ one thing is clear: businesses aren’t doing enough to create satisfying workplaces.Spending hours […]
  • BrandPost: Episode 4: Customers, Employees, Partners — How the network is evolving to Serve Them All December 7, 2021
    Working from home used to be a perk. Now it’s a way of life. The way we shop changed so quickly, so thoroughly, that many retailers were caught off guard, and technology in many cases wasn’t ready for the surge. Instead of a company-issued device hooked into a LAN, the network ecosystem became instead a […]
  • 7 digital disruption myths December 7, 2021
    Digital disruption is sweeping the enterprise landscape, replacing or radically transforming long-established business beliefs and practices. Besides creating new efficiencies, opportunities, and even entire markets, digital transformation has also generated a number of major misconceptions. These modern folk tales, if actually believed by business leaders, can delay or even completely derail a digital disruption initiative.To […]
  • 4 trends disrupting managed infrastructure services December 7, 2021
    While corporate data centers supported by managed infrastructure services were once in the background supporting business operations, they have now moved to the forefront of strategic planning and targeted investment decisions.  Infrastructure and operations (I&O) models must change to empower businesses to embrace the digital age, innovate, and integrate their cloud-first strategies.To read this article […]
  • BrandPost: 7 Steps to Defend Your Enterprise Data from Ransomware December 7, 2021
    Ransomware is a growing security problem and one of the biggest forms of cybercrime that organizations face today. Every day, news feeds feature stories of criminals who brazenly announce they're holding business-critical data hostage until a ransom is paid. And there is no guarantee of getting that data restored, even if you pay the ransom.Managed […]
  • BrandPost: Remove the Security Risk VPNs Introduce: Migrate to Zero Trust December 6, 2021
    If you’re using VPN and legacy firewalls, it’s time to reconsider.Here’s why: VPNs are slow, vulnerable, and downright dangerous. With the massive adoption of remote work, a spotlight has been put on poor user experience and the continued discovery of zero-day vulnerabilities that are a byproduct of legacy VPNs. As a result, IT and security […]
  • BrandPost: Proactively Resolve Microsoft Teams and Zoom Performance Issues December 6, 2021
    One of the most dreaded calls that IT support can receive is a user complaining about poor call quality.These problems are usually highly disruptive, hard to isolate, and are fleeting. The data required to pinpoint call quality issues are never readily available or aggregated in such a way as to help anyone find the root […]
  • BrandPost: 9 Considerations to Improve Your Data Management for Research December 6, 2021
    Data Management is a multi-billion-dollar industry with heavy competition and an often-confusing landscape. Although an expansion of the industry has given way to a period of contraction and consolidation, the ecosystem is ever-evolving and it still continues to shift rapidly. Mergers, acquisitions, and displacements all impact the tools and platforms used to manage information. New […]