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  • Why Multi-Factor Authentication is Key to Modern Cybersecurity June 27, 2022
    According to recent data from the Identity Theft Resource Center, there was a 14% increase in data breaches and compromises in the first quarter of 2022 compared to 2021. What’s more — this is the third consecutive year where breaches have increased in Q1. With cyberattacks becoming increasingly common, the importance of cybersecurity cannot be […]
  • IONOS Is Focusing on Four Pillars of Sustainability: Planet, People, Digital Responsibility, and Customer June 27, 2022
    “We want our customers to know that achieving zero carbon emissions isn’t our final goal, it’s just part of the journey. We want to continue improving the energy efficiency of our data centers, generate renewable energy on site, and integrate circular economy concepts into the lifecycle of our IT equipment and our operations. Corporate climate […]
  • The Value of Automation Testing for Enterprises June 27, 2022
    Enterprises that have adopted automation across their organizations—including development, IT operations, and business teams—often find it is difficult to scale their automations due to manual or old testing methods. This can create further delays that prevent the automations from scaling properly, thus defeating the purpose of many process automation and digital transformation efforts. In addition, […]
  • CIO Ken Grady and Leadership Coach Seth Rigoletti on making work more human June 27, 2022
    Ken Grady, CIO at IDEXX, and Seth Rigoletti, Leadership Coach at Valico Group, join host Maryfran Johnson for this CIO Leadership Live interview, jointly produced by and the CIO Executive Council. They discuss making work more human, bridging IT generational gaps, lightbulb leadership moments, reframing change management and more. Watch this episode: #id62ba5a7d4327b .jw-wrapper::before […]
  • Perfecting Operations Through Machine Learning June 27, 2022
    CEMEX was faced with a flood of false positive alerts from its system monitoring software. Ultimately, the company deployed software and best practices to dramatically cut the false positives for improved monitoring and a better experience for employees and customers. Riddle me this! When is too much of a good thing not good? Well, for […]
  • Sentry’s David Cramer on bootstrapping a unicorn June 27, 2022
    Sentry was started as an open source project by David Cramer in 2008 to provide monitoring services for application developers. Cramer and co-founder Chris Jennings bootstrapped the company from the ground up, organically growing the business to over 3.5 million developers today. Sentry’s open source and cloud-based offerings support 100+ languages and frameworks and provide […]
  • JLL source-to-pay transformation proves value of automation June 27, 2022
    Commercial real-estate company JLL’s automation of its source-to-pay process, like many enterprise IT projects today, had its origin in the pandemic. As COVID began to close offices around the world, many enterprises faced challenges managing or monitoring cashflow, JLL among them. “We were watching cash coming in and cash out the door, given the situation […]
  • Misled by metrics: 7 KPI mistakes IT leaders make June 27, 2022
    Mark Twain famously remarked that there are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics. Today, many CIOs feel the same way about metrics. Metrics are only as good as their source. “Too often, technology companies pay consulting or analyst firms to create metrics based on the best characteristics of their offerings,” says Judith […]
  • 4 exciting Dutch healthcare technology companies to watch June 27, 2022
    The Netherlands has positioned itself as an emerging medtech powerhouse, with more than 1,100 healthcare technology startups – more than three times as many relative to population size when compared to neighbouring Germany. The meteoric rise of the healthtech industry can be attributed to increasing costs for healthcare (which were up by approximately €9 billion […]
  • CIO Leadership Live with GM – Information Services and Technology Cobus Nel of Transpower New Zealand June 26, 2022
    General Manager for Information Services and Technology at Transpower New Zealand Cobus Nel on managing change fatigue, identifying how to maximise the benefits of transformation, and why career development is essential for retaining staff. Watch this episode: #id62ba5a7d63d24 .jw-wrapper::before { content: "IDG" !important; } CIO, CIO Leadership Live